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A work in progress!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself before we start on this journey together.

My name is Sean Mulligan and I am a retired police officer having served my community for 31.5 years. During my career, I was fortunate enough to work in general patrol, Emergency Task Unit (Tactical), Integrated Guns and Gangs (Intelligence and Enforcement) and Community Policing. I'm a certified Use of Force and Firearms Instructor through the Ontario Police College with over 25 years in this role. I'm also a trained Crisis Response Negotiator and Incident Command.

I have over 45 years of martial arts experience having trained and been certified in numerous disciplines. I have trained and assisted in training members of police agencies internationally as well as United States Military and federal enforcement agencies. I continue to instruct at a post-secondary level since 2005 with an emphasis on defensive tactics, conflict management and de-escalation strategies. My company, Operational Protective Strategies, established in 2005 continues to provide instruction and consultation to individuals and organizations within Ontario.

I titled this first blog, "A work in progress" for a number of reasons, one being that I am currently working on a suitable name to represent what we intend to present here on this page. The second is that we are all a 'work in progress', meaning that we continue to learn through our own personal experiences as well as those of others. "When we stop learning, we stop living". This is my first foray into this arena and although I have a lot of experience elsewhere, I continue to learn to create the best version of myself.

So, I hope that you will join us as I will be sharing my experiences and anecdotes as well as the experiences of special guests in the coming months with the intent of providing useful information to illicit thought provoking conversations and enhance you or your loved ones personal safety.

Thanks for joining!

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